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Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & Editing: Qualifiziertes Englisch-Lektorat in München
Proofreading & Editing: Qualifiziertes Englisch-Lektorat in München


  • Proofreading- and editing services for a large number of English text types from first to final draft
  • Developing and fine-tuning all the areas that make texts structurally sound, interesting and convincing to the reader

    Text types

    • Academic papers (presentations, research and term papers, manuscripts, proposals,
      bachelor/master/doctoral theses, articles…)
    • Business documents (white papers, reports, manuals, press releases, marketing materials…)
    • Web content (mission statements, blog posts, editorials, service offers, newsletters…)
    • Communication (letters, emails, social media posts…)
    • Applications, resumes, motivational letters


    • Finishing touches on mostly finished documents, only surface level corrections
    • Language (appropriate expressions, contractions, forms of address…)
    • Punctuation (use of the comma, semicolon, hyphenation…)
    • Grammar (tenses, cases, subjunctive mood…)
    • Syntax (word order, time and place…)
    • Formatting errors


    • Collaborative work on the text from first draft to final version
    • Overall structure, continuity, argumentative structure
    • Consistency of content and arguments, word count reduction, stringency, clarity, logically consistent arguments
    • Correct and consistent use of abbreviations, spelling, hyphenation
    • Avoidance of redundancies, fillers
    • Style (academic, professional, appropriate tone, etc.)
    • Compliance with conventions (citation, footnotes, formal requirements, layout, etc.)
    • Continuous collaboration, feedback, suggestions for improvement

    Base for proofreading according to DIN ISO

    • Oxford English Dictionary (UK), Merriam-Webster (US)
    • Regulations for writing and composition of texts according to DIN 5008:2011
    • Regulations for writing and composition of texts according to DIN 5008:2019


    English Studies – Archeology – Architecture – Business Administration – German Studies – History – Engineering Sciences – Journalism – Communication Studies – Cultural Studies – Art History – Literary Studies – Marketing – Media Studies – Medicine – Education – Philology – Philosophy – Political Science – Psychology – Journalism – Romance Studies – Sociology – Rhetoric – Economics

    Proofreading: Payment per standard page

    Simple Texts

    Presentations, reports, blog posts, etc.

    3,50 EUR

    Intermediate Texts

    Press releases, newsletters, magazines, etc.

    5,00 EUR

    Advanced Texts

    Theses, white paper, articles, essays, etc.

    6,50 EUR

    Editing: Payment per working hour (45 minutes)

    Lower level

    School up to Abitur, simple reports, etc.

    33,00 EUR

    Intermediate Level

    Bachelor, Master, articles, papers, etc.

    37,00 EUR

    Upper level

    Doctoral theses, scientific articles, etc.

    43,00 EUR

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